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Hi everyone,

We are looking at having another annual fundraiser, to help cover the running costs of our site.

As many members would know last year we asked for photo submissions and put together a wall calendar that featured over 100 Devon Zone Devon's.

As it was a high quality calendar (it was printed on thick card rather than paper),  it was a little bit costly to post, especially for our overseas members.


Is anyone interested in contributing to / purchasing a 2012 wall calendar?

By reducing the quality we could look at reduced costs in printing and postage.


Or any other suggestions?

Another idea is Greeting cards - with members photos on the front.

Thoughts / suggestions most welcome! 




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  • Cards sound like a good idea.  I liked the wall calendars & the friends I sent them to were also very appreciative, but I can understand the cost involved to sending to our wonderful overseas members.  I would be happy to contribute to anything members would prefer.
  • cal2011 was stunning we will save our copy but cards with cats photos on also sound great - am sure we can all assist in supporting devonzone its a wonderful board x
  • Hi Nicole


    I am one of the overseas members who bought a 2011calendar.  It would be great if a 2012 one was possible, as I, like many other people, love the current one - it makes me smile every morning!

    So, I would buy a 2012 calendar, although I understand perfectly if compromises have to be made. 

    Look forward to hearing updates on this issue.

    Best Wishes


  • I liked the calendar a lot too! So I would definately buy one. 

    Cards are a good idea too! Maybe some photoshopped prints or something like that, or Christmas cards maybe?


  • Thanks. Smile.gif

    OK, I will start a new topic inviting submissions for a 2012 wall Calendar and see how we go.

    It can be produced on a smaller scale than this year's calendar if need be and I will look around at printing options. Maybe we  can have a theme for each month next year.. 7.gif

    Just an idea.


    I think Christmas cards might work too. 

  • Personally I wouldn't really know what to do with cards, but a calendar I would certainly buy Smile.gif. I'm still enjoying this years daily, although I wouldn't mind if the next one turns out less costly 3.gif.
  • yes, yes yes.  I like the calender idea and know a few people who would love one !
  • Thanks everyone.

    Submissions now invited.. see here! Smile.gif

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