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2015 Devon Rex Wall Calendar , ordering details.

Our 2015 Devon Rex Wall Calendar is now available to order. It is available through two online suppliers.

Thank you to everyone that contributed photos this year! 

Please choose the supplier that suits you best when ordering. The images for each month are exactly the same on both Calendars.

The Cafe Press version is below: 

The link for Cafe Press ordering is:

For Australian residents it seems to be cheaper to order it through NOT

Sorry, I do not know why. 


The link is below. I have included a few sample images as well. Thanks for supporting our site! 

Order through


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  • Hello,

    Has anyone had an issue with getting their calendars. I ordered mine on 27th November and have not received it yet. I have logged into the tracking of my item & it does not appear to be shipped yet. I have sent them an email but very disappointed as they were for a xmas present. 

  • So sorry about that Angela. Mine were also "pending" for ages and took nearly 4 weeks, yet other site members had received theirs well after I had ordered.

    It's a third party printing company and I have no control. I really hope they get delivered ASAP. 

  • Thanks Nicole i know its not your fault but i won't purchase from them again as they have not even responded to my email. They have my money too!

    Merry Christmas too you

  • When I log in Angela, I can see the following status for your order: 

    Production Your order is currently being printed at our production facility.

    It still doesn't help for deliver by tomorrow though.  Frown.gif

This reply was deleted.