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5 month old with gastrointestinal issues

I've had Toph for 2 months now. She's always been a bit small, but just as healthy, loving and active as her brother from the same litter. About 2 weeks ago she stopped eating and drinking and started vomiting bile every 1-2 hours. She was taken to the vet and given anti nausea medication and an enema as she was a bit constipated due to dehydration. We brought her home that afternoon and she was very lethargic, barely moved at all. I had to take her to the bathroom every few hours and give her water via syringe because she would snort water from her bowl rather than lap it up. We took her to the vet the next day and after staying with them for 4 days on an IV and eating Hills Prescription i/d she  seemed to be getting a bit better, was much more alert and walking around by herself. As soon as we started weening her off the i/d and on to her normal Royal Canin Kitten 36 dry and Whiskas kitten pouches she started getting worse. For the past 4 days she has not eaten or drank any water, she sleeps all the time and is currently with a feline specialist but no one knows what's wrong with her. Besides a slightly high white blood cell count all her tests have been fine.


My guess is she has a food allergy/sensitivity and because she hasn't eaten so long she's feeling very unwell and just doesn't want to eat anymore. Any help or other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


On a happier note, her brother is completely healthy and just spat a baby canine tooth into my hand :)

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