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Has anyone else had problems with scooting? My 10 month old spayed female has been scooting since she was 5 month old. She's been checked for worms/parasites twice, had both anal glands injected (with a tiny catheter) with a mixture of antibio

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Our beautiful Berri had her second trip to the vet today in less than 2 weeks. She has had an inflammed side lip and now has a infected wound on the inside top part of her ear.  It started like a pimple and just grew.  The specialist cat vet saw her

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7 Replies · Reply by jaki gordon Feb 19, 2011

Help - advice needed!

Hi every body! 

 I need some quickly help . I have a plan to buy devon rex kitten my son and i need reservation quickly because not remain.

My question is.

 How breed is healt?

 These are not have so many problem with healt issue,because some frend sad t

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17 Replies · Reply by Barbara Nov 27, 2010

Gremlins Skin is worse

Gremlin's skin is not to good at the moment. So I have taken him to the vet and had some skin tests done and this is the result. Sorry if I spell this incorrect can't read the vets writting. He suffers from papular eosinophilic mastocytil dermatitis

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5 Replies · Reply by Mandy Allford Oct 14, 2010

A funny question

I feel both my girls Royal Canin which they love and never tire of. The problem is they are ALWAYS gassy....and its smells REALLY bad...ive had dogs with bad gas before but boy oh boy these girls take the cake. Does anyone else have this problem? Sho

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14 Replies · Reply by amanda Oct 9, 2010

Size of Adult Male Devons

My boy Cracker Jack is just over a year old and is huge!  His length from head to base of tale is about 20 1/2 inches with his tail being about a foot long.  I estimate that he is between 12 and 15 pounds.  He is not fat  just long and tall.   Is he

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1 Reply · Reply by Dawn Oct 5, 2010

what colour is my little girl

hi everyone,


sorry the picture quality is not the best but i am just wonderig if anyone has a idea of what colour she is? a friend thinks a lilac bi-colour or a lilac tortie and white. she started off white and mum is a blue bi-colour and dad a red

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9 Replies · Reply by amanda Oct 9, 2010
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