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Flea season is in full swing right now and I was wondering if you have found anything besides prescription topical flea treatments or pills that works for fleas? I have heard that Dawn dish soap works well as a bathing treatment to kill live fleas, a

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2 Replies · Reply by Dawn Aug 2, 2010


I am looking for a bit of advice as to who uses what wormer and the best place to buy it in bulk.Currently I am buying from my vet and it is just not cost effective.I also read in Truda Straede's book that she uses Panacur 100. Has anyone else used t

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Bathing your Devons

How many peoples Devon's love being bathed .. Mine love it .. I am so surprised they don't make a sound when they are being bathed and just sit in the bath waiting to be washed..
I am so glad because the White Devon gets so dirty at times..

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5 Replies · Reply by Dawn Jul 31, 2010


hi, me again the kittens are born finally,  2 silver tabbys,1 brown tabby, 1 black and white, and a black smoke, she has not sexed them yet, so i am hoping the black is a little girl. anyway will let you know anymore info i get on them and any pics a

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6 Replies · Reply by Jenifer Jul 13, 2010


Hi, this is my first devon so i'm still learning all their funny little ways but one recent thing i've noticed is Molly hates Catnip.

My Aunt who has regular cats said to spray it on things she should play with but she seems totally uninterested. Even

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8 Replies · Reply by Cat-toure Jul 2, 2010
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