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Hi one of my boys has a rash on the inside of his legs. I think he is cleaning him self to much is there anything I can do to prevent or heal this? P.S I bath him once a week with baby shampoo. Thanks elana

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9 Replies · Reply by Elana Jun 24, 2010

Paw deformities

It has been suggested to me that I should open a proper topic, andinvite discussion about my Lorke's 'special toes', so here goes ;-)

When Lorke was about 6 months old I first noticed that her feet are not quite how they should be; on both her hind fe

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7 Replies · Reply by Barbara Jun 9, 2010

Patella luxation

I noticed there wasn't yet a topic about patella luxation.

As some of you may already have noticed, or knew already, Lorke has PL on both knees.
It first gave noticable (and how!) symptoms when she was 4 - 5 months old.
By now she is just over 1 year ol

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16 Replies · Reply by Barbara Sep 14, 2010
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