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Skin Problems (13)

Losing the rippled coat

Hi!I'm new and hope someone here can help me! We have 2 Devon Rex cats aged 3. One (Ginger) has a beautiful, down-like rippled coat. However our grey cat (Pepper) seems to have lost.some of the ripple. The coat along her spine is ripply, but the side

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1 Reply · Reply by Joy Nov 16, 2015

Waxy ears


Hubby took our little Monsieur had his first annual check-up/vaccination booster today.  As we all know, Devons have greasy ears.  Vet still insisted on swabbing him for ear-mites (negative) and selling hubby some ear drops (CleanAural) to be used

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4 Replies · Reply by sacha Jul 14, 2015

Kitten with rash

Hi little Phoebe has what looks like "bumps" that then erupt and she is now starting to scratch.  I took her to the vet today and he gave her a cortisone injection which no doubt is the "general" approach.  She has them on her neck, face, ears and ju

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9 Replies · Reply by Kel May 4, 2013

My Devon's rash

I have 2 Devon girls from the same breeder but they are not related My youngest one, Bella is 8 months old. She has less hair than my 13 month old girl, sookie. Bella developed a rash almost overnight on her stomach and chest mostly. I have had a bio

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9 Replies · Reply by Penny Pickering Apr 23, 2012
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