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Advice Dogs and Cats

I have a great variety of experience with dogs.  However, I'm relatively new to cats.  How do Devon's get along with dogs?  Are there any special precautions to take, advice on first time meetings etc.?    

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  • A lot would depend on the personalties of both.  I had a Golden Retriever who I'm sure thought he was a cat & all my cats loved him & vice versa, but I would take the introductions very slowly.

  • Depends on the individuals, but I've always had good luck with cats and dogs living together.  This is Leeloo her 1st week home with my 14yo Viszla, Miles. 

  • I've done a puppy to an older cat (7yrs), and now a kitten to an old dog (14).  The cat quickly laid his own boundaries with the puppy, and eventually accepted him-grudgingly.  They would only ever lie close to one another on really cold days.  We called it the "cold weather truce."  Kittens are pretty easy to introduce to a friendly/easy going dog.  Knowing about the breed or breed mix of your dog can kindof indicate what to expect.  Sight hounds and breeds that have a highly developed chase/prey instinct (terriers, greyhounds ect) can be more problematic with cats than pointers or herders, for example.  I would keep them separate for a day or two.  Let each animal have things that smell like the other one.  You can feed them meals near each other on opposite sides of a closed door so they can hear and smell each other.  Site switch the rooms they're in so they can investigate scent & territory.  When you think kitty is comfortable and has some trust with you, start.  For first actual meet, provide safety and high up escape routes for kitty.  She might hide, hiss, spit, arch up & stuff or go up high and to watch the dog from a safe perch.  Leash the dog, don't let him lunge, give chase, circle or jump at the perch.  Interest is good, pursuit and barking should be corrected.  Supervise closely, you'll be able to tell aggression from curiosity pretty quick. Reward both with treats both when you start seeing behavior you want and so they associate each other with good tasties.   If no ones in danger, over time they'll work out their own dynamic.

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