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I have 2 rescue cats and my new 4 month devon. I'm taking a 2 week vacation. I don't know what to do.. I can either have someone come and check on my cats but they would just feed and clean litter box and leave. Or my sister has offered to take them to her house and they would get attention every evening. Or I could board them. What Would best?

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  • Hi Stephanie,

    our cats always are with us, when we go to vacation. I not know how cuddly your Devons are but mine did get sick and very sad when we leave them allone at home. If your sister would pet them I would bring them to her.


  • Yes she would pet them, play with them, and even sleep with them! My devon loves to be around someone and that's why I worried about leaving them home. But I wasn't sure if it's good to change their surroundings. But I do like the idea they will get more attention. We can't take our cats with us on this trip. Wish we could(:
  • Than I would give them to your sister. Maybe you can use Feliway-Pheremons for the cats while they are at your sister. Our Devons lnot have a problem to change their place.

  • I get a house/cat sitter for my Devon when we go on vacation.  It keeps him in his own home and gives him attention...and, of course, the house is occupied and mail taken care of.  It's not cheap, but luckily we have a friend's 20+ year old daughter who is single and willing to do it.  My Devon has eyes only for "Mommy", but he had eventually warmed to her.  If I had it to do over again, I would start from the get-go taking him with us...but at this point, he would be way too freaked out.

  • I have just come back from 10 days away.  4 of our cats stayed home with a cat sitter checking on & feeding them twice a day with some kitty cuddles.  The other one went to a cattery as there are some issues leaving her at home with the others.  All are happy we are back home.

  • I guess it depends on your cats' disposition.  We have a neighbor that lives in the same apartment building who comes in twice a day to feed our two Devons, play with them, and clean out the litter box.  She is a cat lover and spends some time with them.  We leave the radio on while we're gone.  This seems to work out ok -- the cats are calm when we return, and nothing is destroyed; at least so far, lol.  It probably helps that they have each other for company.  I'm looking forward to taking them on car trips, but most of our trips involve air travel, and we don't want to subject them to that stress.  We hesitate to board them due to fears of contagious disease exposure.  Hope this helps.  

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