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allergy to anaesthetic?

Hi all,

I will have to take both my Devons (male and female) to the vet to desex them. I have read on some website that the breed can be prone to allergic reaction to some kind of anaesthetic (eg Ketamine), but when I asked my breeder he said he didn't know and never heard about this issue.. on some other website I read this was an old issue dating back to when Devons were cross-bred with Sphynx.. has anybody updated info on this please?

Thank you all!



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  • We just had this very discussion on our breed club yahoo group a few days ago. One of our club members was getting some dental surgery done on one of her Devons (three years old I think) and had heard that ketamine was not recommended. It seems that the concern is ketamine's possible effect on the heart and many don't recommend it for Devons. One vet tech said she has used it with no ill effects. Others don't recommend it. The person needing advice asked that the vet not use ketamine and ended up using this: Dexdomitor 0.08 ml, midazolam 0.10 ml, torbutrol 0.11 ml – each IM, Intubated and maintained on oxygen and isoflorane, 0.04 Antisedan IM – reversal agent. The cat came through fine. Here's some interesting informatiion from a feline vet in the USA. Go to the site and click on Anesthesia - Types of anesthesia

    I hope all goes well.

    Mary Sue


  • Thank you Mary! She has just come back from vet and seems fine, alghough still dizzy and sleepy.. the vet said he used a very light anaesthetic on her due to her small size and weight.. now she has to wear that terrible Elisabethan collar and the vet recommended that she don't jump around a lot.. anyone knows how to explain this to a 7 month old devon?! 3.gif

  • Haha Alis... well that can be quite tricky! It can be difficult to keep a Devon quiet. 

    Glad to hear she got through the operation well. Smile.gif

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