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We are happy to announce that we are expecting a new addition to the family at the end of September.  His name is Alf and he is a classic tabby Devon.  Does any one have any tips for introducing him to my other Devon, Indie?  Am I likely to have any problems? Indie has recently been neutuered so shouldn't be all macho :P

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  • Smile.gifcongrats on the forthcoming new arrival - dont think adding another devon will cause any trouble at all - we already had three adorable devons here when we decided to add Chutney then Candi to the household - within a few mins they stopped their hissing and started for the food bowls before the big cats and chewed their way through all the foods asap !
  • Well I never had any problems introducing a new devon in my home, they are very friendly most of the times. If you do want to introduce the new devon carefully, then it could be an idea to let the new one alone in the room until he feels relaxed (which is within the hour normally with the devons) and then let the other cat come in the room, but I do think you have to cause the devons are so sweet and kind to each other.

    Congrats to the new coming boy!
  • Oh wow. You must be so excited. When we introduced our last addition the one before (who was the baby) wasn't very impressed. 2 years later she still hisses at him sometimes but more often than not she will play with him. I must add she does have tortie in her & the youngest one is a bit of a bully. Smile.gif
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