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Hi everyone!

I was researching for months to buy a Devon rex in the USA and failed. So I found a reputable and very nice breeder in Ukraine. It`s a great pleasure to communicate with him. He is shipping my kitten on June 18-20 and I was wondering if smb else is looking to buy a kitten as I know he has a couple of kittens left. It would be great to ship them together as it would be cheaper as they fit in 1 box and also less stressful for the kitties. His price is $600-$700 plus $215 delivery. All vaccines, vet passports and after neutering by owners you receive a pedigree. He is an official breeder registered with European cats associations.

If anyone`s interested you have to be quick. Contact me please and I`ll provide with his Facebook page and website. It`s not a scam.


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