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Anyone walk their devons on a leash outside?

I've heard you can teach devons to walk on a leash. So I bought a little harness and have put it on my 5 month old devon. So far he doesn't know what to do, he doesn't like it. I would hope over time he will like it.Anyways my questions are, if I start taking him outside, will this only make him want to run out there any second he has? Im starting to get a little worried that maybe I shouldnt take him out, I don't need him wanting to dart out. Especially when the kids aren't paying attention.Does anyone walk their devons outside? They really get use to the leash?I'm just going back and forth if I should or shouldn't continue with trying..

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  • No, we don't walk any of ours outside on a harness. My son did a couple of times with our youngest Devon but as you say, it just made her want to go out and she would wait around at the doors. So we stopped doing it.

    Ours do have an outdoor enclosure they can access through a cat flap in one of our windows, so they do get to go outside, if only just into the enclosure. 

  • I walk mine on a leash.  He loves it.  However, he does not like neighborhood dogs that might want to come up and say "hi" you have to make sure the leash can contain him.  He loves it and doesn't make him try to run out the door .. in which case, I would definitely stop.  Every cat is different, though.  Give it a shot.

  • I've seen people walk their Devons & other breeds and I have had mixed results with my Devon at the time & Burmese.  Cats are curious so if they can view outside, they will attempt to satisfy their curiosity with or without a leash.  Cat netting is important to control cats wandering off.   Apparently the best way for cats to get used to the leash is to put a comfy harness on the cat with the leash dragging around the floor in areas where the leash can not get caught on furniture or door opening under doors, or otherwise distress the cat.   Once they get used to the dragging leash, start holding it, and walking them around the house with it to see how they respond. At the time, I didn't know of this technique and one of mine simply kept rolling over and not walking.  The others got used to it without any training and didn't mind as it was adventure for them.   Reward them for positive response.   Hope this helps. 

  • Thanks for the advise! Now let me ask this, do you use flea meds since they go outside? I thought about that too. I don't like to use meds if I don't have to. I've always had indoor cats and never used flea meds. But if I take my devon out I'm wondering if I should.
  • It depends if I use flea medicine.  I don't like to use it on him; however, I don't like fleas either.  He's bald on his belly & neck and all white, so they're really easy to see and he has had a couple before.  To prevent them, I did use it during the summer when I knew I was going to take him out as much as possible.  I usually had the vet put it on so Mommy wasn't the bad guy.  LOL  Anyway, I should clarify - when I have him out on the leash, I pretty much just let him wander and follow him.  It's not like I walk him like you would walk a dog around the neighborhood.  I stick to our yard - just so he can get out and satisfy his curiosity.  However, I was in a pet store one time when people brought in their cat (not a Devon) on a leash walking just like a dog.  He just trotted in like he was "all that" - quite proud of himself (or herself).  Good luck.

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