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Atticus may have a tumour....cancer?

Atticus is my Devon Jellybean's brother, a beautiful blue Burmese. They are best buddies, so beautiful together. Atticus is only just 2 years old. I took him to the vet because his microchip in his neck area was getting bigger. The vet said its not his microchip, looks like a tumour, could be a nasty sarcoma something or other, has to come out right away. He said this can happen allegedly at the point of vaccination.I was in so much shock. He is only 2. I thought it was the microchip!He goes in tomorrow to have it removed, three more days for pathology to come back. I also found another lump on his rear hind upper leg.I go to a vet clinic where there are several vets. When I took him in for vaccinations I asked about vaccinations causing tumours and in America some people vaccinate at the hind keg so worse case is amputation. I was told the vaccinations in America are different to ours so I didn't need to worry.Now I am so worried. This little boy is such a sweetie, such a treasure, I wake up with him in my arms most mornings....especially in winter.Does anyone know about this vaccinations causing cancer stuff?Has anyone had a lump at vaccination point and its turned out benign?I'm worried sick.

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  • Oh Elisabeth that is awful news.  All I can do is send healing thoughts & prayers for dear Atticus.  I have haerd people say that sometimes they believe the microchip has caused a cancer, but have no evidence of this.  Please keep us informed as soon as you have the results

  • Thanks Joy. Is not the microchip. We found that further down in his abdomen. It's definitely a lump at the site of the vaccinations. Poor baby is going to have alot removed around the back of his neck tomorrow morning, that's surely going to be very painful...and the back of the neck moves alot so I'm not sure how healing will work. I'm less worried about the healing of the lump on the back top part of his left hind leg than the neck. But really, he can get through anything, as long as it means he will live with me another 15 or so years!!! My poor baby, such a sweet sweet sweet boy he is.
  • Oh that is not good news Elisabeth. Frown.gif

    Sending good wishes for Atticus and I hope after the surgery he is on his way to recovery.

    I had a kitten once that had a lot of swelling on her neck after a vaccination, but that was immediate and she had to undergo a course of antibiotics. After that she was fine, thankfully.

    Good luck for tomorrow.. Let us know how he goes. 

  • Im so sorry to hear your sad news. I wish you all the luck an prey he will be ok an live a long life. I feel your pain. I took my moggie to the vet thinking she was coming home an unfortunately the cancer had taken over her body an her organs were shutting down. I was devistated as she was just shy of 3 yrs. I know they are only on borrowed time for us to love an cherish but its very hard when you are faced with them being ill. I send u my best wishes it all works out 
  • Angela the shock of taking a baby to the vet thinking its something little, very not serious only to be told it could be a death sentence - its a really shocking experience. I was so stunned I couldn't remember half of what was said! My brother had a similar experience as you, he thought his cat was just not feeling well, something minor, found out the cat was riddled with cancer and the cat was put down there and then. Devastating. That cat was only about 4. 

    Thank you for all you good wishes everyone.

    I was hoping someone would say their cat had lumps like mine and it was just a cyst or something benign.

  • Good news. Pathology has not completed however they have advised it is NOT cancer. They continue to test the lumps to see if they can identify an infection. Else it might be an allergy. SUCH good news! I am so relieved. Thank you for your support. Now we wait for the rest of the results and he is healing well from his operations to remove the lumps.

  • That is such good news Elisabeth.  I am so pleased for Atticus.

  • Fantastic news for both of you 
  • Just a side note something we went through with Bes. She developed a lump on the very top of her head. Vet gave her antibiotics but it kept getting bigger. She developed a couple of smaller ones in other areas too. So they cut them out to take a biospsy. As you can imagine, we were freaking out. Fortunately, they turned out to be cysts. caused by of all things ingrown hairs....becasue her hair is so fine it had trouble getting through the skin. So we have her on a high quality fish oil in her food to soften the skin. It's worked a treat. Sammy has it now too and it has softened his coat and made it so shiny.  Sounds very similar to what you are going through with Atticus. It's rare, but our vet was well versed on it.

  • Thanks. Cassandra it sounds very similar. Thanks SO much for sharing. We still await the final pathology tests while they try to identify what it is. Meanwhile he has another lump between his left eye and his left ear. It made his left eye close a bit and get sore. Vet gave me cortisone cream and its all good now, but the lump is there and that worries me because it will get bigger and its right near his eye and ear.

    Cassandra, did they cut out the other lumps? How do they get rid of cysts? Do antibiotics work on them?

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