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For those of us that like a bargain, Aldi has Cat Stratching posts for $20 and Folding Cat Tunnels for $10.They are a really nice size for the kittens, not too far to fall when they are rolling around on the top and have a tumble.They are not the expensive type but do have Sisal rope and for that price they would only have to do one litter. I worry about how clean you can get them to pass from one litter to another.

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  • Hi Janelle,

    I saw them at Aldi today. They are a good buy. I love the colour that you got.,
  • They are a great price, aren't they.

    I did buy 2 a while ago and actually joined them together. I took the top platform off the first one and then screwed the other one on top of that from memory. It is still going but could certainly be updated! I must get to an Aldi store and get a couple more..

    Thanks Janelle. :)
  • That is a good idea NIcole. Are the kittens able to stay on the fake faux or do they slip off??
  • I haven't used mine for young kittens so I'm not too sure..
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