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I have a problem. My Devon Yoda is 12, is an only, and so doesn't have anyone to wash his neck and upper chest for him. So after less than a week of lying in dusty corners and sticking his head up against blinds etc. he becomes a grub. I would like to know what to do...I try and sponge bath him, but he is so unhappy about it he moans and of course it is a battle. I bought a foamy shampoo for cats, and put it on a wet face cloth...and he is definitely dirty, as the rinse water wringing out the cloth is brown. The dirt gets into the creases of his neck and chest. Any suggestions, or do I just persevere with what I doing?

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  • I also have a grub. He is baldy around his neck & belly & van colouring (mainly white) & gets quite dirty.  I just use a damp face cloth to wipe him & I also found some pet wipes (like baby wipes) & they seem to do a better job.

  • Joy, do you have a battle? Yoda is really good about getting his nails clipped but he is totally averse to the sponge bath and has become wary...

  • Yes he's not too happy about it but I did try a very light bath in the laundry tub & that was mayhem & he just howled. This is a bit better & we don't do it too often.

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