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I'm devastated to write that I need to find a new home for my gorgeous 7 year old Devon Rex cat 'Chicken'. She is not coping with the combination of new baby (he is three months old) as well as the sudden death a month ago of another beautiful 5 year old Devon I had with her since birth.

She's a bright, loving animal and was always quite highly strung but is now very distressed at the presence of the baby and has become very vocal. She needs someone without young kids or other pets (probably) who can give her the attention she deserves: she loves laps and affection. She has been incredibly good to me and I want her to be happy. As a single woman with a three month old baby I just can't give her enough attention and that's making her very anxious.

Chicken is a 7 yr old female Devon Rex, off-white or what the breeder called ‘Lilac Point’. She is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and worm and flea treated monthly. I have had her since she was about ten weeks old and she’s always been healthy.

She has generally lived with one other cat, but is now alone. She is tremendously affectionate and loves human companionship of those she knows. She used to be very skittish with visitors, but since I’ve had my baby, and just cannot give her as much attention as she’s used to, she now readily climbs onto the laps of visitors in the house wanting to be pat and loved.

She is mainly an indoor cat but has spent some time in an enclosed courtyard or garden. She wont do well if she’s allowed to roam out onto the street or may encounter other cats. Chicken is very vocal and meows when she wants food or a cuddle. She uses a hooded litter tray with paper pellet litter and will also go to the toilet outside in an enclosed area, in soil or grass. I will happily provide her sleeping mat, litter box, additional food, cat scratching post/tree and flea/worming treatment.

I am located in Rozelle, in Sydney.

Please contact me if you are interested in welcoming Chicken into your family. Phone number 0433525745. Email

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  • Good luck finding a new home for Chicken, Laurie. I have also shared the link to this post on our Facebook page for you.

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