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behaviour problems

Due to unavoidable domestic changes, one of our queens, Lindy, has started repetitive pacing inside and out of the house.We have tried Feliway and Valerian plug ins, and even a pheremone collar which upset her so much I took it off.Our other two queens, Lily and Lulu, have recently had kittens and started chasing Lindy and my xbreed Cleo. Mums and kittens are now with my partner in Lincolnshire till the kittens are sold. We want to mate Lindy soon but I want to get her calmer before we do.Please does anyone have remedies that work and/or advice on how to restore Lindy to her previous happy state.

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  • I'm sorry Karen, not being a breeder can offer no advice, but do hope you can sort things out.  Special cuddle for Lindy.
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