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Better in pairs?

HI all!

I'm new to DevonZone! Yay! My girlfriend and I have a 11 Month old boy Devon ..............

(Professor Jack 'Jax' Moriarty) 

.... we love him to death and he drives us to distraction with his Devony ways. Having had him for a while now we're considering getting another, most likely a girl and if we can find one a more mature (second hand) Rex. Our thinking is that perhaps a older girl might keep him in 'check' a little (fat chance really) and provide him with company. We wanted to throw our thoughts out to the forum to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Are we simply going to just be doubling the chaos? We know Devon's are very sociable cats and we want Jax to be happy ....... do people think a second Rex would help? 

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  • 5 mins after posting this ........'woosh-clatter-clattery-thump-SMMMASH!...............Meow.'  

  • I think they are always better in pairs, but providing you are there for them 24/7 they really bond with "their" human.  Yes 2 can create twice the chaos but also twice the fun.

  • I have 2 devon, brother and sister. When I was searching for a devon I was initially thinking of buying only one, but then the breeder insisted that they live better in pairs, because if they are left alone long (eg during holidays) they can get bored and thus become depressed, destructive, unhappy. So I took both and they are having great fun with each other, they keep each other company and sleep together, play/wrestle, clean each other.. frankly it is so nice to see them together, I would really suggest you to have 2 cats. On the other hand, 2 devons are really twice the chaos, so if you would like a calmer cat maybe you could opt for a rescue or a calmer breed.. I always thought that if I'd had the chance I would have got a long-haired and calmer cat (maybe a ragdoll or a birman for example) so that it would "check on" my devon and also keep him warm during winter Smile.gif (anyway since I'm allergic to dust and dust mite I was discouraged from taking a long-haired cat).

  • Thanks for the input. Regrettably being with our Devon 24/7 won't be possible when my girlfriend returns to work, which is partly why we were considering getting him a friend. Also my Girlfriend is terribly allergic to cats (which is one of the many reasons we decided on a Devon, whom she has no issues with at all!) so anything other than another one isn't an option. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and will help us in the decision making process. 



    • Is your girlfriend allergic to cats (=cat's saliva) or allergic in general to dust mites etc? if she's allergic to cats, you should opt for a siberian cat: they are the only really anallergic cats.. I think they also get along well with devons because they are calmer nature..

    • She is allergic to cats  (saliva) AND dust mites and she has asthema (in actual fact she's allergic to most things :D) but, as mentioned, she is absolutely fine with our Devon

  • Definitely, one devon is not enough. It's better to have at least two. Devons are very sociable, devoted, they show affection and they like company very much.

    I think they are very lonely when left alone in the house and when you are in, they will not leave you alone for one minute. Me and my boyfriend had one Devon at the beginning but shortly we saw that she was unhappy, sad, not energetic and sleepy all the time. After we brought another cat into the house, the situation changed completely. Both cats really like each other, they do everything together (sleep, play, eat) and they are happy. What is the most important, they keep each other company when we go out to work or leave for holidays for a week or two. 

    So, definitely - do not hesitate and get another devon (at least one more). :)

    • HI! 

      So we have our new Devon (Hecate) she's 14 weeks old but already pretty fiesty! Can i just how you and your BF introduced you new addition? We would like them to bond, as much as we can facilitate that, so that they'll both be happy. 

  • To add to my original enquiry ... do boys together work well? I think we would ideally like a girl but I'm wondering if two boys would prove problematic?

    • No I don't think, as long as they are desexed of course.. Introduction of a new cat can be problematic sometimes, and it is not due to sex but to character.. some cats are just jealous, possessive, not self-confident, territorial, not easy with change, and they could take the coming of a new cat as a big drama.. for example I know cases in which the "old" cat starts urinating everywhere (even if desexed) to mark his territory from the "invasion" of the new cat.. or there can be big fights.. but in general devon rex is known as taking in well with new cats..

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