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Blue Devon in need of a home Nowra NSW Area

Hi, it is with great regret that I need to find a home for my 2 year old blue Devon, Yoda. He is a beautiful cat, up to date with vaccinations, desexed and on monthly flea and worm treatment. Unfortunately, my young son has autism and gets way too excited around him and has trouble controlling his impulsive behaviour. Yoda is an indoor cat and it is getting harder to keep them separated. I don't want Yoda or my son getting hurt and I feel the right thing to do for Yoda would be to find him a safe comfortable home. If you need any further information, please let me know. Thanks

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  • Frown.gif So sorry you have to make that decision. I'm praying for you and your son.  God does heal, this I know for sure.  Smile.gif

  • How sad, must be such a hard decision. 

    Yoda looks gorgeous! We have a female Manx that is both indoor and outdoor but I'm looking for an indoor cat. A breeder advised us to get a male as our existing cat would be more accepting of a male, mind you she is a very laid back cat! Would love to know more. Im currently on holiday visiting family in Sydney but we live in SA

  • Thank you so much. My mum has decided to take Yoda so I still get to see him!

  • That is excellent news Jody

  • happy news!
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