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breeding difficulties

Are Devons difficult to breed? We have had 2 premature births from Lindy and now another from Lily. Both had litters 6 days early although 3 out of 4 of Lindy's last litter survived even though one was only 51 grams at birth. So far only 2 of Lily's 6 kittens have survived and they are now 3 days old. one weighs 69g and the other 71g. Lulu is expecting her first kittens on 7th August so we are hoping this time it will all go well!

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  • Generally no. Having said that one of my girls delivered one week early. 3 of the four died within a week, the other died at 6 weeks. She had also abandoned them. In hindsight she probably aborted rather than gave birth, a something was wrong with them. She went one to have lots of healthy litters.

    Don't lose heart. You might try a different stud, to see if that makes any difference. Have you blood tested the queens and the stud?

  • Have you had your queens & stud blood tested to see if they have any STD or other infections? I have never had a problem with my girls. I have had litters up to 9 & never had any go early. My kittens usually are approx 75g-80g, but I have had a kitten who was only 47g out of a litter of  9 and he survived with a lot of TLC. I cant see anything else apart from blood group differences that would make both your Queens have early births. I hope all goes well with your next litter.
  • I've never had problems at birth.
    the 4 births I've had have been fast and simple, babies weigh about 90 gr.
    maybe you should make a complete review of the female and the male
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