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Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for information on breeding? I would love to learn what is involved and generally just to get to know the breed better. What are the pro's and cons to breeding? I would love to learn all the good and bad as well as genetic's. I have tried searching for information but cant find what I am after. Also when start out as a breeder did you have a mentor? Is it hard to find a mentor? I live in a rural area with no breeders close by so its not like I can even go and sit down and chat with a breeder. Thanks for your help in advance 

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  • Hi Jo,

    I was hoping you would get some responses here.

    The best way to get to know the Breed is to attend cat shows. Have a look at different Cat councils websites and they should have show Calendars listed. If you attend a few cat shows you can talk to different Breeders and also it is the best way to get to know the Breed and also the Breed standard, which is what you will be aiming to Breed to. 

    Read, read, read. Do as much reading as you can on the Breed. You need to learn about the different blood groups ( very important in Devon's ), health issues and research pedigree lines. There is a great data base on Pawpeds you can look at.

    The pros? Well it is a great hobby, you get to know other Breeders and of course there are the beautiful cats and kittens.

    The cons? It can be a very costly and heartbreaking hobby at times. You have to be prepared for things like unexpected cesarians, hand raising kittens, heartbreak, dissapointment and being tied down. ie. You cant really go on holidays or go away for weekends when you are a Breeder. The cats need you! 

    We have a Breeding section in our forums. It's a great place to start researching.  Smile.gif

  • ok thanks heaps for your reply, I have been wanting to attend a cat show but the last two that were on I couldn't get to. Hopefully will be able to get to one soon as its a bit hard when they are an hour and a half away or more and with 4 young children it makes it even harder. For now I will just research all I can and then when we move back to melb at the end of the year it will be much easier to get to shows and talk with breeders Grin.gif

  • I have met many wonderful breeders by going to cat shows.  The unfortunate part of this is that not many are devon breeders, but at least they can give you some ideas as to the pros & cons of breeding.  As a pet owner the only issue I have is that when I have a VERY naughty silver tabby tortie devon her breeder says I can't send her back for a refund.............   LOL not that I ever would, you know that Nicole.  The other thing I have heard of is having a sponsor (hopefully you could meet some-one at a cat show) - ie a breeder that is prepared to help you start out, maybe buy a queen from them, let you use their stud (for a fee, of course) & in general support you in your chosen breed.

  • are there any courses that you can do that are in Australia? Or any good resources I can download to my kindle that you would recommend?

  • Apart from animal husbandry courses at Tafe etc I dont think there are any courses you could do. Not for Breeding anyway.

    Are you familiar with the breed at all? Do you have pet Devon's?

    Many Breeders start out with a show neuter as that is a great way to get to know the Breed and other Breeders. 

    I have a hardcover book titled Breeding Pedigreed Cats which is really good reading. Im not sure about the Kindle though. 

  • You are naughty Joy. THAT'S where she gets it from.. Grin.gif

    Joy said:

     As a pet owner the only issue I have is that when I have a VERY naughty silver tabby tortie devon her breeder says I can't send her back for a refund.............   LOL not that I ever would, you know that Nicole. 

  • I agree with Nicole and Joy

    If you get a really nice show neuter, that is how you will meet other breeders and it will also give you the pros and cons of breeding.

    Where do you live?
  • I dont have a devon at the moment I am looking at getting one and probably wont even go down the breeding path but I am interested in learning all about the breed before I get one, I live near phillip island

  • There is a lot of good information at Just go through the different pull-down menus and read articles. While it is good to have a local mentor for hands-on things that are common to all cats, a mentor in your breed can be anyone willing to spend time on the phone (or Skype) with you. My mentor in Devon Rex was Mary Robinson of Marya Devon Rex; we were only physically in the same place on one occasion! 

    What exactly are you after in terms of information that you can't find?

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