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Brochure on Outcrossing Devon Rex

Hi Everyone,
in an attempt to give a little more insight in it's possibilities, I have written a brochure on Outcrossing Devon Rex, called Cherish the old, cheer on the new.
Here is the link to my websitepage where you can find it:
I hope to eventually warm up more European Devon breeders (especially those on the continent) to this way of breeding.
Please pass it on to anyone who is interested.
Ideas and comments are welcome.
Best wishes,
Marjan Boonen

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  • A very informative brochure on Outcrossing- well done Marjan!  Smile.gif


  • you already know, but wanted to tell you again that I think you are doing a wonderful job! Well done, it is a great guide for anyone who is interested in outcrosses.

    Wow! Thank you Majan!

    I was several times on your HP and looked at your studs. I´m looking for a stud for my Lilly and I had an eye on your Brownie.

    But my husband (he is my co-breeder) doesn´t like my idea to do an outcross..... I´will have a lot of work with him.....Tongue.gif


  • Thanks Everyone,


    I am glad you you find it helpful.

    @Chrissy: if I can be of help, just let me know.

    Please mail me privately at


    Best wishes,

    Marjan Boonen




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