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Calico Devon Rex

Hi again, 

I am in a process of acquiring another Devon Rex kitten and I may choose a calico kitten... There are some old sayings about Calico cats being more independent and have cattitude than the other color or patterns. I don't know if such a thing is true or not. I have never had a calico before. Does anyone have opinions about calico? Thanks!!

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  • Ha ha good question. Smile.gif

    In Australia we call them tortoiseshell's or tortie's for short and there is a term that is used commonly - Naughty Tortie! 

    I have had a couple of tortie's and I have one at present, but personally I think each cat has it's own personality no matter what colour it is. Smile.gif

  • Hi Nicole, 

    Thank you for your comment. Naughty Tortie? really? lol. I decided to take the "calico" girl in. She is going to be picked up in September by me :) purrsonally! I can't wait!!! She will be my second Devon and the first Devon female and the first ever "calico" kitty I'd ever have.  I will post the pics of her if I knew how...

  • That's great! You will need to think of a name for her. See here for instructions on adding photos:

  • Thank you so much, Nicole.  I am so excited!

  • 3312638474?profile=originalThis is my naughty tortie - Polly. She's 18 months old and the most unusual cat I've ever owned. She's really loving, cheeky, naughty, plays fetch, rolls over when we come in the front door, mutters to herself if she's been told off and is generally a pure delight. She doesn't have a nasty bone in her body!

  • I'm also getting a calico kitten at the end of September, so we ca share our Nortie Tortie stories together /  I already have an old girl who is a tortie & as Ingrid says there is no a nasty bone in her body, but my other girl (rip) could fire up if she was disturbed - ie & his/growl & walk away, but most of the time she was pure love & she was my heart cat & again like Ingrid's used to play fetch, chat to me & yes be in general a Devon.

  • I wanted to reply to Polly's pic posted by Ingrid Perri, I hope this is the right place to do so.... what an adorable kitty Polly is! I am absolutely anxious about getting my first torbi/calico DR kitten next month! Thank you for your comment to my post :) 

  • Hi Joy~~!. In between the webpage transition and back to the original site...I may be a bit confused and I hope this is the right place for me to reply and if not, I am sorry:( Congrats on your new calico kitten you will be picking up next month. I am so delighted to have a wonderfully mischievous, utterly curious to no end and nosy but ultimately so loving and sweet DR... this furry kid has stolen a human heart of mine at the day I went to meet him at the age of 8 weeks old....this little tiny less than 8 pounds creature I love so dearly Grin.gif every day. I hope my new kitty will be happy with us too for many many years of cohabitation. OMG, I love Devon Rex..... 

    • Yes, you are commenting in the right place Tammira. Smile.gif

  • My Maisie was my first Devon and she is such a sweetheart that I thought I'd have another one. I've always loved torties and have had many over the years, but never a tortie Devon. My previous torties have been little darlings but my Devon tortie is a whole other kettle of fish! She combines the quirkiness of Devons and the reputation of torties and takes them to a whole new level. As I said, she is adorable and sweet and purry and a real handful! Personality plus, plus, plus.

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