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Calling all blue point and blue mink lovers!

Hi everyone! My partner and I are in the process of waiting for a kitten to join our family and I was wondering if anyone has any adult pictures of blue mink or blue point boys to post as I really love this colouring and if we were to find a boy like this I would really love to show my partner what he would roughly look like as an adult??? We also love solid blues but evidently genetics doesn't allow their eyes to stay blue! 

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  • See my profile pic, my kitty is a blue mink, 10 months.

  • Thanks everyone-so many photos of kittens around but so good to get an idea of how they will look when they grow up-such beautiful babies! I thought they would be much darker on their points but they all seem so light-I love them all!!!
  • They are beautifull, both of them! My Fychan is a bleu point, I'm told. You can see him on my page (not very good pictures I might add) I'm very curious about your kitten!
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