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Hi all!I've posted previously about adding another Devon to the house and aprox 4/5 weeks ago my fiancé and I did just that. We now have a 18wk Lilac Tabby Girl called Hecate to keep our 18mnth Black Smoke Boy (Professor Jack 'Jax' Moriarty) company. When she first arrived we introduced them gradually by shutting the kitten in a separate room etc (textbook really) and after about 4 days they were snuggled up, grooming each other and playing 'Chase', 'Hide and Seek' and 'Pounce on each other's head'. Hecate basically became Jax's shadow.

About a week in and Jax was a little out of sorts and when he hissed at Hecate we knew he wasn't himself (he has never hissed at anyone or anything) So we took him to the vets and, to cut a long story short, he ended up having surgery on his abdomen and a three day stay at the vets. When he returned he was pretty grouchy, as you would expect, I suspect that soreness and some tummy upset caused by the antibiotics was the result of his continued hissing when Hecate was just a bit to lively and, once he came off the tablets and healed he seemed to settle a little.

It's now a couple weeks later and it seems that the hissing, and now growling is getting worse. He only does it occasionally when they're playing, when Hecate 'bugs him' whilst he's stalking birds and bugs in the window or when he's settled and she walks up to either join or play. But the thing that's really confusing us is that the rest of the time they either amuse themselves or they cuddle up together and groom each other.... Hecate still follows Jax around and on occasions where he does growl or hiss she often just walks away purring.

I can't figure these two out... They started so well and in many many respects still get on great. Jax has never hurt Hecate and they have been left alone together (I believe they mostly sleep in the cat tree together). They eat together, often switching bowls but never fighting over food, and neither displays any obvious signs of distress.Various sources say that Hecate is just being a brat (very true) and that Jax just needs to figure out how to deal with her and establish who's the boss but I'm worried that they're just not getting along and that Jax will become unhappy. We bought a second Devon primarily to keep him company and we're now worrying that it's backfired :(Any thoughts would be appreciated

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  • Apologies for the typos. There's a picture of the two of them cuddled up on my profilet just to evidence how well they do get on
    • and the HIDEOUS formatting! ..... i typed this on my iPhone. 

  • Gosh what a story & such a shame after they had bonded.  I'm not sure what to suggest, maybe some Bach Rescue Remedy or Feliway.  It might still be a time thing & he still might be sort after the vet visit.  Has he been back to be checked?

    • Thanks for replying Joy. Yea...he went back about a week later for a check up. But he seemed to improve after he came off the tablets....for a little while. We're wondering if perhaps its a shift in the 'balance of power' of that makes sense...that the kitten is starting to dominate him and he's just having trouble accepting it. Also Hecate does dominate playtime so Jax hasn't been getting much of a look in since she arrived. 

  • Yes they can get bossy.  I know that happened to a pair of mine.  She was older & the boss but once he grew & became quite strong she really started to hate him.

    • maybe it's just that he can't keep up with her 'youthful energy' ..... He does play with her and sometimes instigates the play.... But he does make it clear when he's had enough.... She just doesn't always pay attention. Like I say they do get on.... It just seems that some things rattle his cage more than others.
  • 3312678585?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024See! They get on! 

    Actually... last night we played with them both, separately to start with as Jax doesn't get much of a look in when it comes to toys, and things were better. There was still some hissing but not nearly as much or as prolonged. I think Jax might just be feeling a little left out...Hecate is so full on and in to everything he just doesn't get chance to play. Fingers crossed things improve.  

  • That looks like a good sign.

    • I hope so, We just get so worried when they don't get on. I would say 98% of the time they are fine. It's possible that Jax is still recovering from his app, it was only a few weeks ago and although his external stitches have healed his internal ones i think are still there....not that he shows any signs of tenderness in the area. 

  • Quick Update:

    Although the hissing etc continues we are now pretty confident/positive that Jax has simply realised that he's stumbled across an effective way of voicing ANY complaints. As we all now Rex's tend to be very vocal and I think this has now become a part of his repertoire.

    So the upshot is, they get on fine.... Sometimes they play together, sometimes the ignore each other but they always cuddle up together. So much so that my Fiancée and I are starting to miss having a cat in the bed!

    I suspect that as Hecate gets bigger and becomes less of a kitten themed handful this hissing will hopefully be a rare occurrence.

    Thanks Joy for your thoughts :)

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