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Cat Shows

Has anyone in here ever shown their cats? or been to a cat show?


When I was hunting for a breed (before I had decided on the Devon Rex), breeders told me cat shows are great and you can find out lots of information about different breeds.


I am not looking to get another cat or anything, but I am going to the one this weekend.


Is anybody else from Brisbane, QLD? and going to the queensland feline association show this weekend?



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  • I wish I was in Brisbane, I would love to go with you.

    I ha a bad experience the one time I went. About 5 years ago hubby said maybe I should get into showing cats since I adore them so much. so I went to a cat show and I got yelled at by about 3 nasty horrid women in 3 different occasions. It was awful. I was not touching cats or poking my fingers in cages or anything like that...just wondering around, politely looking. It was about 2.30pm and perhaps people were getting cranky I dunno. I remember one magnificent Maine Coon - I had never seen anything like him, he was huge and gorgeous and I walked over and as I moved to the font of his cage to look at him he hissed madly at the lady who was already there looking at him. she took off and some women, probably his owner went OFF at me "Cant you tell he's bloody had enough - get AWAY go on Get AWAY"and it was humiliating and hurtful and disappointing. 

    Several people were nasty to me that day, and I can honestly tell you I was not touching anything or doing anything wrong. One nice Abyssinian show lady came over and got me and said she noticed I was being given a hard time and not to worry. We had a chat about showing and she was lovely. But they whole experience made me realise that shwing was not for me. I felt it must be too stressful, not just for the owner but I fugured it also cant be un for a cat to be washed and caged, transported to a show, fluffed up and judged by some stranger handling it, exposed to unhappy cats, cages all day and then transported home. so it wasn't for me. But I'd love to go again some day. do let us know how it goes and what is was like!

  • I didnt know it was on but now that I do we may go!

  • So I went to it today. Seriously, it's a crazy cat lady's dream. There were stalls with a bunch of cat stuff you could purchase. 

    The cat range was awesome. It was so cool to see all the different breeds. Some breeds were there that I LOVE! Like the Egyptian Mau, which I was pretty excited to see. It was a high contender on our breed to buy list. But I couldn't find a breeder in Australia. All of the breeders had died. So I was pretty pumped to meet one.

    The vibe was really strange. The people showing their cats take it sooooo seriously. A bit over-the-top. And nobody was very welcoming or available to talk to about their cat/s. So that was a bit disappointing. 

    It's also very hard not being able to touch the cats, especially when they are looking at you and crying. 

    Over-all though I quite enjoyed it.

    Jan, the breeder of my kitty, came over tonight to deliver the pedigree papers. She thinks I should show Louis'. He seems to have good characteristics of a devon. So I MIGHT do it, before he gets desexed. Just for fun. I'm not gonna primp and prod him and make him too fancy. I'd just like the experience it. Could be a hoot.

  • Smile.gif try a TICA catshow they have a friendly format and talk to one another - we have happily hsown some of our devons here with two organisations the GCCF and the TICA - the first is formal with judges in white coats - efficient etcs - and the drawbacks that we have to clear the halls til lunchtime to then come in and tlc the cats all afternoon - so have to sit and picnic outside if its sunny - the second is more relaxed in its attitude but ab brilliant judges who dont let the cats be stressed so therefore the owners arent  - and can sit with the cats and take a picnic along - if people do show their cats they should be pleasant and helpful to allcomers - and some smiles help the long day also - ps but believe me the HP sections also so competative and their standards are so high ! do try again - try a TICA its worldwide -

  • ps beverley - have booked a sphynx baby myself - ages to wait but - agree with your comments about them theyre special - as are rhe devons we have eight of them here and adore them all x

    Beverley Hoffman said:

    I went to a cat show in Geelong.Vic.last Sunday. I took my 6 year old granddaughter and we had a lovely time wandering around. Of course I was interested in the Devons, but there were only 3 there. 2 we could view but the other one was under a blanket.I walked around 3 times to view it but it remained hidden and the lady sat there reading a book.Very unapproachable indeed.

    Many of the breeders took their cats out of the cages and you were able to pat them. That was so nice. I have always wanted to see a Sphinx and when I have seen pictures of them they look so wierd, but at the show there were 5 on display (3 hiding)

     The  young lady had her Sphinx out of the cage and we were able to pat it, In books they are such "cold" looking cats, but my opinion has changed  forever about this breed. They are warm and loving, and their"Mum" graciously answered all of the questions that I asked, Of course if I had to choose my favourite breed it would have to be the Devon, and I have 3.Grin.gif

  • I thought that about Devons for ages. I thought they were strange looking cats and could not imagine anyone wanting to have one. When I saw some at a Burmese breeders home (it turned out she also bred Devon's) well I just fell under their spell! I asked...are these Devons? She said yes. I was There was just something soulful and magical about them in their presence. I still that about the Sphinx, very strange looking cats. But I understand how meeting them might change how you feel. I am so so SO glad I met those Devons that day because without that I wouldn't never have my precious Jellybean.
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