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Today set me thinking - what are the rules about if you accidentally run over a cat in the road in your country ? do you have to stop and/or report it ? - why? well - we live in a rural county in the UK and also have some traffic along all the main roads at commuter times of course - this morning someones hit a small female cat as it strayed across a side road at the village down this valley - they didnt stop ! - the next driver tried to avoid the same injured cat and sadly did more damage but was so upset - a loca lady driver then stopped and cuddled the little cat in something warm and cosy and went to her own vets in the village - not knowing who the cat belonged to of course - but she has her own cats ! - the lady duty vet took a good look at this little soul, but sadly her hips were smashed and she was put to sleep or she passed away asap - I arrived shortly after this with two of our devons to be checked post ops after snips/spays - as I entered the small village vets the kindly lady who had taken someone elses pet cat to try to help it came out in tears, she sat and cried her heart out to us, as the vets staff discovered the cat was one of another clients cats - so they had to clal the owners to tell them about the tragic accident ! the rescuer was really so so wonderful, shocked of course, seeing this on the road, since she sad could easily have been hers - she was so late for work but she didnt care, cared about this poor little cat -  somebody said have a cup of tea but she said was ok - it upset us the clients also the vet of course - the cat is at the rainbow bridge and owner will collect her ( a little black female ) and the vets and myself and the others all think that its about time the UK changed the rules so that drivers involved in car accidents have by law to report hitting a cat ( as they do for a horse or a dog ) - wonderered what the rules are in other countries, any comments ? ps RIP little cat x

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  • Poor little thing RIP.

    Have found a dead cat left in road while walking dogs about 6am no sign of any one so had to leave him by the drive as he was left in the middle of the road, didn't want to knock doors at that time of the morning with dogs in tow but checked later and they had found him as he lived further up the road. Drivers should stop.

  • correct, thanks christine x we have even added a CARE re CATS sign along the side lane and its also a private gravelled drive shared with three properties and a thankfully dead end at the end - thats for delivery drivers and the unwary visitors - also cos several local cats do come and say hello to our crowd and watch the hens - also have stuck a caution signs on the back of the car since just like beware of babies aboard when we are out and about if a cat escapes its carrier say to a show on a motorway it could cause an accident -

  • It's really sad.  RIP little one.  I don't think we have any laws here, but there is certainly a moral obligation to help &/or remove animals from the road.  We have a dusk to dawn curfew here in the shire I live in for cats, although I know that it is not adhered to by many, but all mine are indoor cats. Your example above is one of the many reason I am now a firm believer in keeping cats indoors.

  • I think its the owner fault for not keeping there cat indoors. I dont think any cat should be aloud to wander. All cat owners should be made accountable if they let their cats outside without supervision. I wont let any of my kittens go to a home that will let them outside unsupervised. I feel very sorry for the lady that had to take the cat to be put to sleep. 

  • bbc radio 4 was talking about a debate in parliament this week about the issues of dogs shouldnt wear those electric control collars - one person brought up the issues about cats and collars - and this led onto a discussion about all the cats sadly knocked down on the roads - this yr about 250,000 thats tragic ! thank goodness ours have catruns and dont roam -

  • In Australia there is no requirement to report hitting a cat.  I can not see any law being passed in the future to do so either. People in general just do not care enough to make it a law. It is more likely to become law that cats are to be indoor only. In most Australian cities cats are required by law to be indoors at night time. This is to protect nocturnal wild life and it also helps prevent those noisy cat fights that wake up everyone at 3am. Not many people abide by that law, though I wish they would. I do. I have one cat that is indoor/outdoor and she does not leave the property,  and I have 2 cats that are indoor only - they go outdoors supervised (well my Devon kitten has been here only a day but I will probably leash train her).

    I'm glad the lady took care of the little black cat because otherwise it would have suffered longer and eventually died all alone under a bush. All my life I have had cats and dogs. I have never ever had a home on a busy road. I choose quiet little streets to live on to minimise any of my animals getting hit by a car.  

    I wish more people cared for and respected animals. 

  • There is an e petition that can be signed  on Cat Planet site to change the law so that cats in road accidents have to be reported.

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