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am seriously thinking about asking the better half to buy me one of those smart cat strollers ( like little cat prams or trolleys) instead of still struggling with a couple of oldfashioned cat baskets - because we still have vetting in in the uk and discovered on saturday its becoming a struggle if the cars parked well away from the entrances to the show halls - especially with a larger cat - but if we wish to show two cats we could stick them into a cat stroller with say, the cats inside the top tier, the show things underneath, instead of my sciatica being so sore at the end of a long showday - anyone else use them there are some on a uk website but wondered whats available on the web elsewhere? ps we also pack picnic sets but leave these inside the car til lunchtime cos cant cope with it all first thing its like check ins at the airport with the luggage and am not getting any younger ( age 55) ...

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  • ps probs solved, have a brand new small lightweight folding trolley with one of those burburry shopping bags beaneath, but I dont use this at all, so taken the bag off the trolley, and with another small sized mesh bcat basket it will be ab ideal to and fro from showhalls for me, it will only cost about twenty pounds sterling to buy a basket to fit to it, with secured clips, and also it will fit well into the rear seat of the Fiat car without having to dissassemble things first !
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