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Christmas gifts ideas for cats ?

What do you give your cats at Christmas? Wondered this since collected a catalogue from a pet suerstore last week lots of lovely ideas including a catbed that looks like an old fashioned christmas pudding with some holly on the top ( thankfully fake holly of course) - we usually get a big shiny gift bag and stuff it full of small cat toys, things like ping pong balls and wooly spiders and bags of cat treats, also a christmas stocking , then a cat climbing frame if they have demolished the one from last time, this year its a wooden hand painted cats castle with seperate small sections and two floors for them to play inside when its wet outside in their catruns ( the siamese section doesnt like wet weather!) - we also send the cats a special card and we sit on the bed on christmas morning with all the cats and open the gifts plus we light a small outside christmas tree the cats can see through the windows!

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  • My poor guys get vaccinated for christmas but I try to brighten their day with big chunks of beef as well.
  • LOL that is very funny Ange. :)
  • LOL angie thats funny ( ps do you give the vets a pressie as well? )
  • I got my Devon a wall clock that each hour gives off a different wild bird call. I've had it for a year and she still loves it/looks around with anticipation every time she hears it. The good thing about it is that it's light sensitive so it doesn't make bird calls at night while I'm trying to sleep. :)
  • I have a cat one like that but I eventually stopped replacing the batteries that made the mewing sound.

    Love your special Christmas presents Ange. I bet the kitties love that - NOT :)
  • Oh well it helps me to remember and they arnt vaccinated on christmas day that would be too much!
  • True & I bet the vet would charge like a wounded bull on Christmas Day ;)
  • we use the local vets hospital theyre always open they do charge extra nights and holidays though - and yes we always give the last vet before the festive season a bottle of wine from the felines ( works wonders!)
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