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Just musing after receiving an email from a friend who's white cat had just had a caesar & delivered 3 lovely babies. She is hissing at them (not the kittens who she hasn't seen yet) & as described by her owner - a real princess. Do others find that some colours seem to exhibit different temperaments? I also have a white cat & yes she is a real princess/witch. I have a red point who is very affectionate & every red/ginger cat I've had have always been snuggle bums. I have 2 torties - very affectionate, VERY determined & yes nortie torties. My si-rex just wants to be loved by everyone & hates it when the family is not together. My van - obviously lots of white - is a bruiser, but I'm hoping that it's because he's a teenager trying to assert himself & that he will settle down. Any thoughts on this from others?

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  • Sorry Joy, I missed this topic!
    I do agree on the naughty tortie front....although my 2 entire tortie girls I have at present are very subdued!

    I have a blue neuter that has a *really* bad attitude about everything.... LOL
    At nearly 10 years of age we have given up on reforming him and just put up with (and work around) him.
    But I'm sure not all blues are the same...I hope not anyway!
  • temperament seems to differ within the siamese colours - also my senior si rex selects the siams for her companions instead of the other two devs we have here - the smaller si rex is a real rowdy and the brown tabby fn is a cuddlepaws ( she likes to play most with my ginger mn moggie instead!) - orientals also exhibit different characters depending on their colours, the darker the more dominant I would say since we used to have havanas - haughty - cyd the cinnamon was chatty - the or lilacs so laid back... maybe its the same in devons but with all these confusing patterns not sure? nb since we dont show much these days due to hubbys workloads sort of out of touch with things...
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