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Cornish Rex

Today I was given a 6 month old male Cornish Rex...he is so gorgeous and loving but he needs a name. He is chocolate and white bicolour with stunning blue eyes. Can anyone help me with a name? My brain hurts from thinking lol

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  • Congratulations on your new addition Dawn, he is a real cutie.

    The name Dudley came to mind when I saw him. Smile.gif

    Or Frankie...ol' blue eyes. (Frank Sinatra)

  • Ohhhh i like Frankie...why didnt I think of that?? I will have to run that by the kids!!

  • Congratulations Dawn, he looks gorgeous Smile.gif.

    I like Frankie.

    Happy 2012!

  • Smile.gif dawn hes gorgeous think frankie suits him he has those "ole blue eyes" that go right thru you - am so delighted what a wonderful gift to get - happiest 2012 !

  • Frankie is a great name. It took me 2 weeks to name my cat and Frankie came up as well because of his beautiful blue eyes. Congrats!

  • He is a real joy..a nice addition to our family after Annie passed away in November...for the breeder to give him to me what a wonderful gift..he was bought by another person and she couldnt handle the "rex" behaviours and gave him back to the breeder..the breeder contacted me knowing I had experience with rex's and told me I could have him as long as I promised to give him a home for life...that was an easy decision...just have to have him neutered and microchipped and we are good to go...we had a nice nap together today..hes a cuddlebug!! Frankie is the perfect name although my daughter is not thrilled with we shall see if it sticks!

  • Smile.gif am so happy for him and for you - thats why he wave had Clingon our devon - litter brother to lovable little Chiino - the first lady sent him back to his breeder said he was simply far too playful - her pain our gorgeous gain ! hes doing Chiino so much good and Chiinos also off his epiphen and acting normal now no fits - some things are simply meant to happen - 

  • Hi Leia..Mandy told me you were on here so I went looking hehe...didnt realize you posted here...he is actually LESS naughty than my Devons lol...they are chasing him around the house looking for a fight...cant wait until everyone settles down and loves each other...your baby looks just like Daz when she was a baby...soooo cute...congrats!!

    Thanks Babs...I am thrilled he was too troublesome for his previous owner..i feel so lucky to have him...cornish's are similar but oh so different...i just love the little guy!

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