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Dealing with dominate male

Hi i am wondering if anyone has some suggestions on dealing with dominating behaviour. My boy Denzil has displayed horrible domination at his mate Jasper. I have just witnessed some horrible sparring to the point Jasper was frozen stiff scared of Denzil who kept beating up on him. I separated them & had to give Denzil some rescue remedy to calm down. What started it was Denzil was getting his nails trimmed & beacause he was not happy about it he took to Jasper. As this was traumatic for Jasper i don't want to see this behaviour again & appreciate any help.

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  • oops! what age are the boys and are they entires or neuters ? nb we dont have sparring between our eight devons but we do with our big (bluecrosseyed) pet si balinese and his choc pt si bali sister and my half grown aged one maine coon sometimes do as they strive to see who is/will someday be the best here because our "old special sedate sir - in -charge" the or lilac is aging sadly ! try some feliway sprays and herbal calmers and lots of toys to distract the boys ?Smile.gif

  • 102.gifHi Babs..Denzil has always been a boss & claims to be the best..both boys are nearly 3 & neutered. Jasper is such a placid boy & I think Denzil likes to play on no way do i encourage this behaviour & most of the time its play fights but last night was a serious as you can get..I'm going away for a week friday & i think Denzil senses this & is not happy about it..he is a mummys boy & likes to claim me as his own..i am giving them a herbal calmer called rescue remedy..90% of the time they seem to be good mates but Denzil will always let Jasper know where he sits in the pecking order

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