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Devon rex affection

I've only owned 1 devon and he's my current devon who is now 7 months old. What made me want one was their affection. I wanted a cat who shows alot of affection, also wants to be around you, likes to play and I love the curiosity they have too. Well my devon has everything above except, I don't think he's affectionate. He gets affectionate once in awhile, but for the most part isnt. He follows me around and will let me pet him, hes not scared or skittish. But he acts like he can careless I'm petting him. Sometimes he will jump on the bed with me but when I pet him he goes to the other side of the bed so I don't pet him. Little stinker lol.Is this his age? Do they get more affectionate when they get older? He's a little sassy at times to. He will sure tell you he doesn't like something. My mom has 2 devons and they eat up attention and pur away and rub all over you when you pet them. Not my little guy. I hope it's the age...

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  • Hi Stephanie,

    It seems cats are much like humans.. each have their own personality and traits.

    We have 3 Devon's and a Burmese and all of them are very different in there own individual ways. Hopefully he is just being a typical teenager!   Smile.gif

  • Hi,

    I can share my story: I have 2 devon rex, they are brother/sister, 8 months old. First of all, they went through phases during they (still short) life: at first, it seemed that the female was more naughty and the male more affectionate, then when we desexed the female (6 months) she went through a phase of becoming obsessively affectionate, to the point that when I was about to leave, she would jump on me because she didn't want me to.. then the male became naughtier and less affectionate, he has the same behaviour you describe me, he never comes on my lap, but when I hold him and pet him, after a while he relaxes and starts to pur.. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that he is not desexed yet.

    Now the female is still very affectionate, but not in an obsessive way as before. Anyway being brother and sister they have quite a distinct and different character.. To tell the truth, as a first-time devon rex owner, I was also a bit deluded at first because I imagined them to be super-super affectionate, instead up until now they are more playful than affectionate.. but maybe the problem is having these expectations, one should be patient and wait when they grow up a bit more..

  • Maybe that's it, they are still young and when they grow up more it changes. At least that's what I'm hoping for. Mine is fixed, I didn't notice a difference before or after being fixed. I will say he's a good cat other wise. I love him to pieces and even know he's not as affectionate as I want, still don't stop me from giving him all the love I have for him. Even if he doesn't like all my kisses he still gets lol.
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