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Devon's Being By Themselves

Hi All,

I am wanting to adopt a beautiful Devon, but my partner and I are concerned about the Devon's welfare while we are at work. 

Are there any other Devon owner's who work full time? How do you find your Devons cope without you there during the day? 


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  • Is adopting 2 Devon's an option at all Jess? Double the trouble.... I mean fun! Smile.gif

    They would be great company for each other. 

  • Hi, Jess.  I adopted a Devon several years ago and the breeder said "are you sure you don't want 2?"  I wish now I had gotten 2 so they could've kept each other company.  I work full time and my baby is home alone on days my husband works also.  However, he has gotten used to it and uses that time to sleep so he is WOUND UP when Mommy gets home.  Grin.gif  Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.  If you can do 2, do it.  If not, it'll be OK. 

  • Hi Jess. I have Baggins who is now 13. He has been an only cat since day one. When I first brought him home I made sure he had a safe enclosed bed with a hot water bottle, a ticking clock and stuffed toy. We both work fulltime and as with all cats he quickly became a creature of habit. I used to make time to have a game with him in the morning before we went to work and he used to spend most of his day sleeping in the front window or watching the world go by according to our neighbours. He is a bit old and cranky these days with a bit less energy and loves people but really dislikes other cats. I often think about getting another cat but at this late stage I don't know that Baggins would cope well with the invasion of territory. we are there just for him and I don't think he is up to share us with anyone. So basically I think Devons can be very happy on their own in my experience. But as the breeder told me; Devons love to help you with everything....

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