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Devon's coats - are there two kinds?

Just wondering about Devon coats. I notice some have hardly any fur and some like my Jellybean have a really decent short curly and incredibly soft coat. are there different names for Devons with the minimal fur and those with the curly short soft coats?

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  • No. There is a huge variation in Devon coat types and lengths, degree of rexing, number of guard hairs (coats feel harsh). And also in coat cover - some Devons are totally covered, including necks and underparts, others are patchy, some seasonally so (or it is age related), and still others are suede coated. Suede coats and long coats are faults (so regarded by breeders and judges). Patchiness is a fault too. Lack of rexing is a fault and you can get this in coats which are too short, too harsh or too soft. And so it goes on Smile.gif

  • Jellybean is one of the lucky ones ;P

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