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Devon with a big fluffy tail?

Hello, all!

This is probably a n00b question, heh, but in looking through photos online of Devons, they all seem to have sleek tails and extremely short fur.  For contrast, pictured below is our own little beastie, Samwise the Brave.

Can anyone tell me why he looks like he has a sheepskin duster attached to his butt?

(*super-curious about this*)

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  • OMG, He's gorgeous.  Not sure about the tail - maybe he has a touch of longhair about him.

  • That's the best tail I have ever seen!

  • Grin.gif A sheepskin duster... LOL

    I think he has longhair in him too. Have a look at this Group:

    His tail looks similar to Chutney's. 

  • Interesting!  And thank you all very much.  I didn't realize there was such a thing as a longhaired Devon.  :)

    The picture above was taken last winter, by the way.  His summer tail isn't nearly that plush, heehee!

  • That is soooo cute, reminds me of Bazil-Brush .... (from long ago). I also didn't realise there were long haired Devon's.

  • Forgot about this photo: Sam's tail is so fluffy, Ed uses it for a pillow.  Grin.gif

    Unrelated question, but also something I've been wondering: is there a comprehensive directory of Devon breeders somewhere, preferably listed by year?  I've been trying to find out more about my boy -- he's a rescue, and all I really know about him is that the cattery owner got sick not long after Sam's litter was born, and couldn't really care for them properly.  He passed away about a year later, and his son or daughter brought his remaining cats to a Seattle no-kill shelter.

    The thing is, they weren't given the cattery name.  So I'd love to do a little detective work and find out who might have bred my little buddy, just in case I ever encounter one of Sam's sibs or aunts/uncles!  <3  I'm assuming it would have been based in western Washington State, in the US, since I can't imagine the breeder's kid driving any great distance with a car full of angry, half-feral, extremely vocal kitties...

  • Cindy that is an adorable photo!!!

  • Heeheee!  Thanks, Sandie.  :)  Ed will pull that tail out from under Sam sometimes, just to plant himself on it.  Just happy I got a decent pic of it once!

  • When you will be shure that i think too that he is a longhair devon you can take a dna test then you know it immiditly by uc davis we got here enough who breed with longhair devons i test always my cats on it and breed not with the longhair
  • Hi, Adrie!  Thanks so much for the info.  :)  Luckily for Samwise, he's never going to be shown or bred; his only job from now on is to sit in laps, purr like an aging Chevrolet, and occasionally lick my ear at 4am.  So I don't actually need to know what sort of ancestry he has... I was just really curious!  He's very different from the Devons I've seen pictured online.  We call him our Mukluk, because he looks like the inside of a sheepskin slipper.  <3

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