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Devon Zone Guidelines

Devon Zone Information:

Site owner: Nicole
Administrators: Nicole & Joy

By entering and using this Network, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the site Guidelines and that you agree to abide them.

Devon Zone Code of Conduct
Please read the important guidelines below. If you notice anything in violation of the guidelines please report the issue.

Here at Devon Zone, as with any website where people come together, it is important to adhere to certain rules of etiquette. Most can be covered by remaining respectful of your fellow members, but we have listed some specific guidelines below.

Absolutely No Solicitation
Under no circumstances should you contact another member asking for money, help, products or services. You should never approach another member for any sort of loan or to ask them to give you money for your personal use. If we get complaints from other members that you have done so, your account will be removed.
**If you need to make a complaint that a member has solicited you for a loan or money for personal use, please contact an administrator.

No Inappropriate Content. Please keep all content you post in the forum focused on the topic in general and your experiences. Content that is NOT APPROPRIATE on Devon Zone includes, but is not limited to, material copyrighted by someone who isn't you, any content that is vulgar or obscene or contains adult themes or images, including sexual commentary or imagery. Abusive language, name-calling, insults, harassment, spamming, flaming, baiting and/or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Further, members are prohibited from making posts or comments that encourage this type of behavior. Devon Zone reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including deleting content, blocking any member from posting to our site and/or revoking the membership for any behavior we determine to be damaging to our community.

Age Limit. According to NING Terms of Service and Federal Law, no person under the age of 13 may sign up for an account on any NING network, including Devon Zone. We reserve the right to remove and ban any member we find to be under the age of 13.

Parental Responsibility. If you, as a parent or guardian, choose to involve any child under the age of 18 on this website, please be aware that you are responsible for the safety and security of your child, as well as remaining vigilant to what he/she may read on the site. While we monitor posts as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee that we have caught 100% of any offensive content.

Guard Your Personal Information. Devon Zone is a Public Network. Any person is eligible to join this network. We discourage members from posting personal information such as telephone number, home address, or other specific information which may make your location easily discovered by others. If you’d like to share such information with other members, we advise you to do so with forethought and caution, and only via the private messaging system. Be aware that Devon Zone cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages incurred as a result of sharing said information.

You are entirely responsible for any and all activities which occur under your login or username. You agree to notify Site Owner immediately in the event you learn that unauthorized access to the Network has taken place under your login or username.

Although Devon Zone is an English speaking network we welcome members of all nationalities. Please post on the network in English as we are unable to translate text from other languages. We reserve the right to remove text posted in other languages.

The administrators also reserve the right to delete any new accounts registered on Devon Zone that appear in any way suspicious or accounts created for the sole purpose of advertising another network or website. This network relates to Devon Rex cats only. There is also a designated area for non-Devon Rex related chat. This Group is called "The Lounge". Please post all off-topic photos and discussions in this area.


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