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Devon's with rabbits???

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with devon rexes and rabbits. The kids are desperate to add rabbits to our family and up until now we have said no but we do think the responsibility of caring for them completely would be a good idea. (The cats were our idea so we do all the dirty work!) If we go ahead with the idea, we are planning to build a hutch large enough to enter and play with them but we would also like to have the option of bringing them inside.  Just wondering if anyone has any advice or experience. We have two beautiful devon boys that will be one in Feb.  As we don't have a dog, both cats show a strong dislike to any dog visitors we get and I am worried as this is our only experience, that they would not react well. Hoping for some positive stories! Cheers Olivia

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  • I have had rabbits and cats....not with my devons but in the past i have with other cats...and they got along amazingly well!! The cats looooved to play with them and likewise with the rabbits...the rabbits would hide and jump out on the cats and they often looked for each other and slept together...i say give it a whirl!!

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