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Dirty Eyes

My new little girl (Iris, 15 weeks), get very dirty eyes,  there is no weepiness or discharge, they're just constantly dirty.  We are cleaning them with cotton wool pads and cooled boiled water twice a day and all the muck comes off and she looks lovely, then later it's back again, when she wakes up in the morning it's like she's never been washed at all.  Her eyes are not irritating her, they're not sticky or anything just black dirt all round them.  The vet has checked her over and passed her as perfect, just thinks she's not a very clean girl.  I have two other Devons, so I know how much eye dirt is normal.  Can anyone throw any light on this please.  Thanks very much x

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  • Hi my harmony had the same problem and although we couldn't find a cause we did find a treatment. My vet recommended going to the chemist and getting drops called allergen a it makes a huge difference and although she is still a little dirtier than Francis she is much better than she was.
  • Mine has the same problem.  He is 10 and has had it since birth.  The vet recently recommended a hypoallergenic diet. I will monitor the eyes to see if that changes or use the Allerge drops suggested by Sal

  • Thank you, I will be interested to see if that helps.

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