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Ear Wax Problem

My 2 year old Devon keeps getting really had ear wax build up. I am new to the breed but had done my research and know that their ears are naturally a bit waxy and must be cleaned weekly. I took him for a vet check up a month ago when I got him and he had a really bad ear yeast infection (came like this from the breeder). So I got his ears professionally cleaned and he has daily yeast medicine ear drops. I also clean his ears once a week. Today was his follow up appointment (one month later) and even though his ears look better then when I first got him the vet said they were still really bad and had to be professionally cleaned again. Do you experience this with your Devons? I thought I was cleaning his ears out really well. I can't offered to have the vet clean his ears every month! The breeder says that my vet doesn't know what they are doing and that his ears are fine. So I am in a rock and a hard place of listen to breeder or listen to my vet. Any advice would be great! Thank you everyone!

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  • That sounds really strange that a Devon would have that much wax build up Samantha. What are you using to clean the ears?

    I am guessing he has been treated for ear mites... 

  • Yeah I think its weird too. I will clean his ears and two days later they will be waxy again. He came to me with almost black ears and a yeast infection in both ears. The vet gave me ear drops and Micellar Ear Solution. I clean them once a week and give the drops twice a day for a month now. He needed his ears professionally cleaned twice in a month. Help!

  • It it possible to get a second opinion at all?

    It just doesn't sound right as you should be able to get his ears clean yourself.

  • Devons naturally had more ear wax than oder breeds. We clean them too times a week.

    But if yur Devon had a infection it is normal that it has more ear wax because of the infect. Good that the ears are better now.

  • Yeah I am going to try a different vet and get a second opinion. His ears are looking better but my vet keeps wanting to clean out the ears over and over again. And now I just found out that he has roundworms. I have only had my devon for 3 weeks and I own no other cats and he is indoor only. I am so upset because I bought him from a breeder and received a very sick cat. The breeder is not taking any fault really. It has been such a stressful time but I am SOOOO happy to have my devon in my life. He is my world and I just want him to be healthy. It breaks my heart.

  • So sorry you have had this experience, the majority of Registered Breeders are pretty good and really look after their cats and kittens.

    Is it possible it's ear mites? We have all in one spot on Applications here for ear mites, fleas and worms . Do you have products similar to that where you are located? 

  • So sorry for your Devon. Hope you can help him.

  • He has been tested for ear mites. Vet just says its a nasty ear yeast infection that doesn't want to go away. But I am going to try another vet whom I hear has a bit more experience with the Rex breeds. So fingers crossed. Thanks for your help and support. This website is great and so helpful!

  • Good idea .... please keep us informed. I keep my fingers cross.

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