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Hi Everyone,

We have a red tabby Devon, she has a normal coat and doesn't not normally have bald spots. However, she goes through stages of excessively licking herself. When she starts she can't stop. It is usually around the change of season and lasts for 2-3 weeks. It's almost a nervous obsessive compulsive habit. She munches some small bald spots all over her body and then will lick her fur off either under her arm or on the inside of her back legs. We have brought her to the vet and had a lot of tests done and nothing is physically wrong with her. We switched over to an all natural oatmeal shampoo (thinking maybe this will soothe her). We also put clothes on her so she does not continue to irritate her skin, but sometimes her spots are in an area we can't cover.

Does anyone else have an issue like this? Do you have any suggestions?


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  • Sorry, no advice I can add myself, as thankfully we haven't had this problem before with any of our Devon's.
    Hopefully other member/s can offer must be very frustrating for you both!
  • Sorry no suggestions from me either, but hope some-one else may have some ideas. It's odd that it seems to be at the change of season, almost as if there is something in the air (ie pollen or something similar)
  • Hi Jo,
    Thanks for all of the advice and first hand knowledge. It is very frustrating as we can not get any solid answers and as like you all blood and skin tests came back normal. We tried the raw diet to see if that would help and for a month she was doing good (we did have her wrapped up in baby onezy but she would still get them off). After a month she started vomiting so we stopped that and went back to her Halo (sensitive stomach) dry food. We are going to look into the hypoallergenic Royal Canine food that you recommended. What flavor are you using, ie: seafood, beef, chicken?

    Jo Archer said:
    Hi Elyse, we had / have a problem with our Black Smoke Devon who was licking himself so badly that horrible weeping sores were appearing, he also developed problems with vomiting and diarrhea. Blood tests etc showed their was nothing wrong, so I took him off all fresh food and only fed him on Royal Canin "Hypoallergenic" biscuits and very slowly he stopped licking and his skin started to heal until after about a month the sores had dried up and now after about 2 and a half months the marks have almost gone. He has stolen some fresh food from his brothers since and within a few hours he's started to lick the spots again. So now I only feed him on those biscuits and very very occasionally a bit of fresh chicken, plus lots of grass. Oh and no vomiting or diarrhea either. So I hope this may help, I know first hand how distressing this can be. All the best.
    Jo Archer
  • R.Canin do a dried food in the UK called Hair and Skin, would this help, sounds dietry and seasonal doesnt it, what about doing distraction techniques ie provide plenty of play items move them around all the time keep devon bit busy?
  • Although the tests reveal nothing it does sound like must be yorkies were having this probably also and I was told to take them off a diet that included we switched to problems after that...maybe it will work for cats too?? Im not sure...maybe a seafood hypoallergenic food would work best...its probably just going to be trial and error...maybe a different vet's opinion is in order too??
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