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Let me start by saying I was a Devon breeder for many years, and Iam a vet nurse.  What I am about to post was done with Veterinary supervision, may not work for all Devons, but is so remarkable that I have to let you all know. I apologise for the length of this, but I want to give you all a clear picture.

About 5 year ago whilst I was still breeding I purchased two kittens from a breeder in NSW for breeding girls. One died of fip, and the other one was sparsely covered and began to get sores on her flanks.

10/1/08 I took her into work to show my vet as she had hairless areas and small scabby lumps on her stomach.  She was given a course of antibiotics.

31/1/08 she had skin scrapes, no parisites were found.

6/2/08 she had bloods taken, and skin scrapes were sent to Idexx for culture, in case it was ringworm.  No ringworm found,

7/2/08 Antibiotics

26/2/08 same

3/4/08  Her skin was now a lot worse, her tummy was covered in a red rash, lots of small lumps, and her skin was greasy. Biopsies of her skin were taken and sent ot a lab for testing.  She was diagnosed with Urticaria pigmentosa. Recommended treatment prednisone.  I was relucant to go this route because of the side effects of pred.

10/4/08  Antibiotics, periactin, and malaseb baths

2/5/08 Megaderm was added

4/6/08 started atopica

this combination in different forms went on until july

2/8/08 More blood tests all ok

16/10/08 Spey (couldn't possibly use her for breeding)

10/11/08  No choice, start pred, skin improved as expected

10/3/09 skin worse, stop pred, start food trial Hills zd

All through rest of 09/10, zd, antibiotics, skin a little better

8/2/11 skin worsened antibiotics and steroid injections

2/6/11 change food to Royal Canin low allergenic, skin slightly better, poo definately better ;-)

7/7/11 more steriods

4/10/11 paw essential 6 (omega 3 + 6)

8/12/11 trial cortavance which is a steroid cream - no change

Here is where it gets interesting

20/6/12 Start acupuncture for 8 weekly sessions, at week 6 great improvement. Rash only on lower part of tummy and inside back legs. 10 days after last session bad again.

9/9/12 My vet had a phone discussion with an alternate medicine vet in NSW.  My cat was diagnosed (over the phone) as a fire cat.  Her diet of dry food was a "hot" diet, she needed cooling foods, and some chinese herbs.

Recommended food was Vet's all natural or Barf,

11/10/12 i started her on Raw 76 food  with a  1/4 of a teaspoon of xiao yao san, and stopped antibiotics

within 1 week i saw improvement.

2 weeks she looked super

around this time I changed to Barf cat rabbit, as she decided she didn't like the Raw 76 anymore

30/11/12 I stopped the chinese herbs, to see if the food alone would be enough

1/12/12 small red spot on tummy, started herbs again

Now her skin is absolutely clear, it now looks like the skin on a babies bum :-), I cannot tell you how happy she is now, she is putting on weight, her personality has changed, she is brilliant.

After nearly 5 years of trying nearly everything the vet could think of, she was sorted out by another vet on the phone, she didn't even see my cat.

I have before and after pic's which are amazing.

If this information helps just one other Devon I will be more than pleased.

Thanks for reading

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  • dear alison - i think this imformation could help this one devon ! could you perhaps give me the name of that alternative vet, and, if you have it, the supplier of the xiao yao san? -  ! i too have spent five years in this hell, and my notes on the process read so much like yours. could really do with this vets help, and with the help of xiao yao san - ! - love and thanks, thebe

    • Hi Thiebe,

      The vet no longer practices, but there are a lot of vet's around now that are open to alternati ve medicine, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one.I ginally got the herbs from NSW, but then found a vet in Jmboomba who could get the herbs, after he finished practice I could get them from a mobile  vet. Not sure where you are, but I hope you can find someone to help you.

    • thanks alison - im close, in brisbane - so might perhaps be able to connect with this very same mobile vet - !?

    • Not sure how far his area is but his name is Steve Denley and his emai is If he can't help, he may know someone closer to you who can. Best of luck. Best thing I ever did for Rosie. Let me know how you go :-)

      Steve Denley BVSc CVA
      Balance Veterinary Care
      Acupuncture * Chinese Medicine * Conventional Care* House-calls
      0431 263 728
  • I have discovered an holistic compnay in Perth, who are so willing to hellp.  It may not be suitable for this disease, but you never know. I placed an order on Sunday & it arrived at my door in Victoria by Tuesday.


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    • thank you both so so much - !  this is fantastic information. i will let you know how i go - my much love and thanks

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