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Food Allergies

Truly Scrumptious (my member picture) developed an allergy to chicken and turkey and other than Hills Z/D I have not found a dry food that works well for her. The elimination diet proved that I can use beef and veal but she is a picky eater and will not eat it unless it is out of a baby food jar. I would like to put weight on her and make sure she gets a balanced diet. I would appreciate ideas.

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  • Hi Elaine,

    I have a devon here with a really bad food allergy. I am currently using Hills Z/D. One thing i found that worked was fish, but fish on its own is not nutritionally complete. I know a few people with cats with food allergies that are allergic to fish.

    I know when i first found out there were a lot of diets recommended but i couldnt buy them here in NZ as i think they are only available in the states. I cant remember what they are. I would suggest joining fanciershealth yahoo group and asking on there. They will give you a lot more options seeing as you are in the states. I do remember one person using Eagle Pack Duckmeal + Oatmeal and/or Taste of the wild dry foods? We dont get these here though... Alternatively, instead of Hills Z/D, Royal Canin have a 'Hypoallergenic' prescription diet that i was told might work too...

    Keep me posted as i am very interested in food allergies and what others find that works....
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