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Food tips to help with cats weight

Hi, I have a 3 1/2 year old Devon girl who is desexed, Sookie. She has become a little overweight over the past year or so. I have been trying to monitor her food for her to lose weight. Does anyone have any ideas or tips that would help me with this. I am concerned for her health as she gets older. The vet doesn't seem very concerned and suggested I give her tinned food at night instead of dry food to cut down on her carbs.

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  • Yes, the dry food can contribute to overweight cats. Does she eat any fresh meat or tinned food at all? 

    I have one of my Devon's on "Lite" dry food. He doesn't seem to mind it. 

  • Hi Nicole. She has dry royal canine in the morning and tinned wet food at night. I also worry in trying to cut down the amount of food that she is hungry. So I thought maybe changing her diet may be the way to go. All help is appreciated.
  • Is she an only cat Sue? Maybe she needs a playmate to tear around with. Smile.gif

  • Hi Nicole. I use to have 2 Devon girls. My other girl, Bella, was atopic. After 2 years of skin specialists, food trials and nonstop medication and watching her living so sadly I had no choice but to have her put down. Broke my heart, I still have tears now when I think of her. Since then Sookie has put the weight on, so you may be right. My son just got himself a little kitten about 2 months ago and Sookie does seem more active with the little kitten here now. Thanks for your help. I will see how she goes. We are feeding them separately and I am weighing Sookies food.
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