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  • I have heard of cats being sick after a show. Our vets are fairly strict here. I hope all is OK Nieves.
  • we still use duty vets and vetting in at gccf in the uk - think some tica shows also do this - its a sensible first check on things - in fact at the notts catshow last sat one of our vet hospital vets was there as well and she knows her clients and cats of course - viruses at catshows always been problems some yrs ago we had bad bout of cat flu across the country and we sadly lost two of our then siamese within a week was awful! sorry for those affected with the gastric vomiting and hope and pray all their cats are okay again x
  • awfull, i dont see why people if they know the cat is under the weather take them to shows and spare other exhibtors cats the risk of infection, my cats are not shown if resembling any illness at all!!! i wish others would practise this,
    i once spoke with a lady at a show she had confirmed cat flu in a multi cat house and proceeded to exhibit, although the cat then had no symptoms its likley it was carrying the virus!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Luckily I did not set out in these show but I worry about taking my cats from show to these conditions.
    I know 3 bredeers affected in Spain their cats were infected in Paris
  • think the problems are caused by the facts that some cat viruses act so fast that they dont seem to exhibit symptoms - but no exhibitor should ever take any cat to a catshow which can contain hundreds of other peoples cats if it shows any signs of illness even a second or so before vetting in because it risks others cat babies - so if in doubt then dont go - delay ! ps our idea is to do several shows a year - with spaces in between to rest the show cats and also to rotate which one goes to which show - this gives us good time to see if anythings wrong and then to sort it out with the vets ie if a cats "under the weather" as we say in the uk - the cats also dont get annoyed about being shown or stressed since a show days something to amuse them instead ! - okay it takes a longer time to attain a title but it seems sensible - but, the same as with us humans, some viruses act so fast, like the winter vomiting bug which went about one winter here with all of us...
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