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Hi All,


I am going to start breeding these beautiful cats and would love any advise anyone could give me, also and contact details re where i might be able to take my female to be mated, i wont be starting until next year as i dont want to rush and want to be prepared. I pick up my little girl on friday from Shirley Willett.

If anyone could also give me any info on showing these cats also id be interested as well, and registering them and whats involved much to learn....

i come from a veterinary background and am currently managing a veterinary hospital so am quite knowledged on that side of things but not the contact side and formalities...


thanks in advance..



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  • Oh how wonderful.  Good luck with your breeding & I hope in the future we see pictures of your new babies,
    • Thanks joy 
      I am very excited! 

      Joy said:
      Oh how wonderful.  Good luck with your breeding & I hope in the future we see pictures of your new babies,
  • Welcome Allison! Likely you will get more of a response to more specific questions. In the mean time, why not tell us where you live, which association you plan to show in, what books you have already purchased, and what experience you have with cat shows.


    Good luck!


    Barashta Devon Rex

  • Hi My advise to anyone starting breeding try a strong Breed .

    As Devon's Are the most difficult of all cats to get every thing right. Enjoy your kitten and love her . Just be happy.

  • I hope you did you homework on Devons as they are not a good breed to start breeding cats with. They are a bit tricky as they have 2 different blood groups & if you get it wrong you may loose the litter which is very upsetting. First may I suggest you get your girl DNA tested for traits, diseases & blood group. Then pick a stud boy that has the same blood type. You will need to go to shows so you have a good idea on the correct type to aim for. If you dont have a mentor I would suggest asking around the state you are in 

  • Hi Allison and everyone else - how many breeders will allow outside females to visit their boys? thanx Kylie

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