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Grooming a devon's coat?

 My little Bean is a year old, and today I noticed 'fluff' coming off I out my furmigator that I use on my ragdoll, used it very gently and it got off lots of 'fluff' off her.

Is that ok to do?

Furmigator image is   "Here"    (click)

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  • My baby is 1yr in 2 weeks. can't believe how quick the year has gone. 
    I can't really help you, my girl has always had a fine coat.. like not much at all. I don't brush her.
    It should be ok tho, I mean if it's coming out anyways, it's just old coat? 

  • Hi Elisabeth & Bean,


    I have been dog/cat groomig for about 14 years now, and my devons are bathed regularly with an oatmeal shampoo followed by a good brush through.  My eldest girls has a thicker coat, and tends to lose a lot of "fluff" during summer time, I use a shedding blade on her, (fine side only) and this brings out loads of  "dead coat". Her coat comes through lovely and shiny within a week of removing the old stuff.


    Hope this helps.



  • Thanks, I think its ok then...I think it looks like that dead stuff you refer to Penny. I don't wash her, though she falls in the spa bath on occasion.

  • I've been using a de-shedding comb almost identical to that one on my 2 year old boy for almost a year now and it's fine. He loves it! :)
  • uh huh!! Yes. My Louis has been shedding lots of fluff too, when I flea comb him. I will  invest in a shedding blade.

  • Hi Elisabeth,

    I have a ZOOM GROOM and my cats just love it. It is so quick and easy and attracts all of the loose/dead hair.

    I think you can get them at most pet stores. Smile.gif

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