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I got my tops last night and put them on my boys..they only had them on for less than 5 minutes and they hissed at each other then went into full on fight mode. One of my devons has fear transfer disorder & doesn't handle change..i didn't think putting jackets on them would set him off but it did and i had to rip them off them & put the feliway on to calm them down.

Can anyone help me with ideas on getting them used to wearing them without this happening..i was so upset that i got them angry with each other as it takes Jasper so long to come out of it.

I only wanted them to be warm during the night

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  • Oh so sorry about that. It's an adjustment for cats to wear them. They do fit beautifully and are very comfy. But I'd take it slow, start with the cat that doesn't have the issues. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and take it off. See how that goes. As for Jasper, maybe try it when he is really relaxed, but don't force it. Maybe for Jasper try to find a clip on jacket rather than a slip over the head one.....I know my Devon is not keen on the slip vet the head bit.
  • no probs at all - but we did start with some small sizes - and botht he devon brothers have their pink tops on today and their blue hoodies have been back in the wash this week - we use ours for both when its cold and wet in case they use the catruns, for night times in winter, and also for a vets trip if it isnt too warm to cosy them - it works v well but we do have one devon who simply wont wear a coat - but hes a long haired these days - ps we are about to have a baby sphynx - 

  • Thanks a bit scared on trying again..i dont want to make Jasper feel angry anytime.. may take me a while before i try boys are good mates an dont want to spoil that
  • Try this....only put them on one kitty at a time. Once I'm, reward with a treat. If he starts to get annoyed, give another treat. After a few minutes, mo more than 5, take the shirt off. No more treats at this point. Now do the second kitty, same method. Treats are only given to the kitty in the shirt.
    I did this with he could care less about the shirt because he knows he is getting a treat.
    Every kitty is different, so it may or maynot work, but it is worth a try.
    Hope you have good luck. The Cat-Toure shirts are cute. :)
  • Angela, the tops are cute, but unless your Devon really needs one I'd forge about it for Jasper. I've had a cat like Jasper (RIP Bailey) so I understand and I would not bother about it.

    If Jasper needs a source of warmth there are other options for him. There are little heated beds/mattresses, there is hot water bottle, and I have a heated throw mine love to sleep on that cist $70 and it is wonderful right now in our wintery Australia, especially here in Melbourne.
  • Hi Elisabeth..the main reason i wanted the jackets was so they are warm at night & on weekends when im home. Dont like the idea of them wearing the jackets when im not around in case they get caught on something.

    Jasper & Denzil run round the house at time like a hurricane so i would hate anything to happen when im not home. I have had the feliway on since i first tried the jackets on them. This morning i put the jacket on Denzil first for only a couple of minutes & that was ok. I done the same with Jasper & he was also ok. Calmer with the feliway (great stuff). 

    The boys like to sleep with me at night. Denz gets in and is very good hardly moves where Jasper is very restless & gets in & out disturbing my sleep.Frown.gif I bought a heated bed & thought that would help. He loves it but i believe he gets cold on his back & still comes in to get warm which is why i thought the jackets may help. The bed is not on during the day when im at work (paranoid) but again would hate if anything happened while i was not home. These are the best cats i have ever owned. During the week when im at work they bury under blankets to keep warm so no issue there.

    I will keep putting the jackets on for short periods & see how they go. I also have them in the lounge room near their beds so they get used to seeing them.

    Will keep you posted on the progress

    Thanks for your help

  • Just stumbled across this thread. My boy doesn't wear his at all after a few tries, because it was the equivalent of putting sticky tape on his back (that old trick people apparently do to cats). He acts like he's weighed down, can barely walk and won't jump. It's ridiculous to watch, because you know he's not actually weighed down, but that's the sensation it must give him. He looks totally miserable. Has anyone else had this experience?


  • The treats idea really works; Monty hated his sweaters at first but then he would stand by the frosty window and shiver!
    I started giving him treats and praising him every time he wore his sweaters, and he soon stopped pretending he couldn't walk in them, or that it was too heavy in his back.
    Another trick I got from a friend was that as soon as the sweater is on, distract them by showing them their favorite toy; I would just jingle Monty's noisy toys and he would come to play, completely forgetting he was wearing anything.

    Good luck!
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