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Heart Murmurs in kittens

I recently sold a kitten as a pet. Beautiful healthy boy. He past all vet checks etc. The owners were shocked to be told this week that their vet would not de-sex him due to a heart murmur possibly on the right side of his heart. He has refered them to a heart specialist.  The also gave no gauge of the heart Murmur. Obviously the owners are very worried and dearly love their little boy.  I have not had heart murmurs in my kittens and just want to get some advise on this.  The kitten showed no signs of illness
and they were very shocked at the vets prognosis - any advice here would be appreciated.  This kitten was born on 4th Feb 2010.  I know Devons can hide illness quite well.  I think it also depends on the heart Murmur too.  Apparently they rate heart murmurs on a scale of 1-5 this vet was unable to rate the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated in this.

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